We are a global leader in the manufacturing of Next-Gen materials, specializing in producing sustainable leathers and sustainable additional materials for footwear, handbag, apparel and accessories. We are represented by our trademarked LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) manufacturing concept in all facilities. The LITE concept defines and guarantees a high standard of environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process.

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Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Customers

Our multiple production locations are strategically close to our worldwide customers’ factories. We work with many of the world’s best brands.

Our Facilities
Our Facilities

Avenida Da Praia Grande N. 619 Comercial Si Toi, 5 Andar 8, Macau, P. R. China
+853 2835 6320

Macau Headquarters

  • ISA headquarters and core business operations are based in Macau (China)
  • All key business decisions, and important functional operations are decided in Macau (China)

101 TanTec Way, Vicksburg, MS 39183, USA
+1 601 429 6081

Mississippi TanTec Leather, Inc.

  • Production started in January 2015
  • The monthly production capacity is 1 million square feet
  • MTL sits on approximately 210,000 square meters of land (approximately 10,000 square meters for production)
  • Approximately 40 employees

Lot M2-M3, Street No. 5, Viet Huong 2 Industrial Park, An Tay Ward, Ben Cat City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

T +84 274 357 9101  F +84 274 357 9103

Saigon TanTec Leather Ltd.

  • Production started in January 2010
  • The monthly production capacity is 5 million square feet
  • STL sits on approximately 44,000 square meters of land (approximately 15,000 square meters for production)
  • Approximately 700 employees

Lot B6.1, C4 Street, Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park, An Hoi Quarter, An Hoa Ward, Trang Bang Town,Tay Ninh Province, 840000 Vietnam
+84 276 388 3382

TransAsia TanTec Ltd.

  • Production started in March 2020
  • The current monthly production capacity is 3 million square feet at the current ramp-up stage and will reach a designed capacity of 10 million square feet per month over the next years
  • TTL sits on approximately 61,000 square meters of land (approximately 24,000 square meters for production)
  • Approximately 340 employees

No. 1 Xingli Road, Hecheng Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, 529727, P. R. China
+86 750 831 3280   +86 750 831 3294

Heshan TanTec Leather Co, Ltd.

  • Production started in March 2012
  • The monthly production capacity is 2 million square feet
  • HTL sits on approximately 58,000 square meters of land (approximately 25,000 square meters for production)
  • Approximately 150 employees
Our Management
Our Management

Thomas Schneider

Executive Chairman

Uwe Hutzler

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Yu

Chief Financial Officer

Tiago Horn

Chief Operating Officer

Jens Kaufhold

Chief Financial Officer (Vietnam & USA)

Ronda de Bie

Senior Vice President of Sales

Keith Hill

Vice President Sustainable Business Development

Awards & Certifications
Awards & Certifications